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I have gotten into the habit of lowering my plate or glass to my ferrets when they're out because my oldest ferret never ate treats when we first got him. I was always hoping that one day he would steal something off of my plate or lick the rim of my glass. Slowly but surely, he came into liking PB and banana chips. I wasn't about to change my habits for our newest ferret, and he's got some strange ones himself. Not only does he like the conventional treats you give ferrets, but he also likes to climb into my glasses and knock them over to see what's inside. If I lower my plate, he will steal pastries and various other fruity things, and we've discovered over the past few weeks that he likes soda, apple juice, and liquor. (NO, we did NOT intentionally give it to him; my mom was holding him and had the glass in her hands and, needless to say, he struggled to investigate).

Not that any of his treats are healthy or anything, and we don't give them to him regularly (especially NOT the alcohol), but the strangest thing he's ever eaten is Morningstar Farms Crimbles. He LOVES them, and I just can't fathhom it. We won't take cooked meat, but he will take fake meat. So, what's the wildest out-there thing your babies have ever eaten?
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    Wed, March 1, 2006 - 12:21 PM
    Ferrets like sweets, they like alcholic beverages after they have reached room temperature, they like milk. They like fruits but not vegitables. They like crunchy things, like chips or cereal. none of the above is good for them. Most of them don't initally like unprocessed meat or chicken and have to be reintroduced to it. Once they are raised on kibble, their dietary cravings seem to be all out of whack.

    I've never had a ferret steal food from plates, but have had ferrets that will knock over unattended glasses. I had a ferret who would try his hardest wrestle a drink out of a fruit smoothie glass. He would also bite the shit out of you if you tried to to take a piece of stolen chocolate away from him.

    The weirdest thing for us is I'll put a raisin in between my teeth and the ferrets will stick their face in mine to steel the raisin away.
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      Fri, March 3, 2006 - 4:32 AM
      Mine have done stuff like the raisin thing before if they really like the treat. One of my babies like to take Rollos and suck out the caramel. He doesn't care for chocolate. The alcoholic likes Taco Bell burritos. I don't see it as my ferrets "stealing" from my plates, but they will definitely take what I offer and have always enjoyed smelling my food. The alcoholic one will also beg and plead and CRY if your are holding a glass and won't let him get to it, and the little booger is so resourceful that it can be hard to keep him from his unhealthy fixes at times.

      I must say, it's good that neither of my ferrets are like my rat... He steals and eats EVERYTHING. Thank God they don't do that yet.
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        Sun, March 5, 2006 - 11:35 AM
        well met all,
        through out all the years i have had ferrets and all the ferrets... i have noticed that like the ferret obsessions, (each ferret tend to obsess over one type of object) each ferret i have had has a diffrent favorite treat besides the ones bout specificaly for them.

        (those that crossed the rainbow bridge) Isis loved her donuts...Thor it was gummie worrms, Aries...only his ferret food, Cronose loved raw turnips & bonless ribs from the chinise place, Nemisis it was anything...ANYTHING,

        ( ferrets still with us) Lokie loves his milk, Anubis cant get enough of the raisins and candies, Athena...HMMM only the ferret treats, Bachaccaus loves any flat soda, Sadie...anything chicken, Binki will eat anything you give him!!!

        Mind you that i limit these treats to avoid any complications or illness (example - to much sugar can lead to inslunoma) howeve you just cant deny those pathetic litle eyes sometimes. all of my guys will drink liqure if given the opertuinity.

        what wonderful little animals...LOL

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